The twilight era of Lot. “I do” or not – who decides?

androgyny-guyAaaah … GAY MARRIAGE RIGHTS!  Really confused.  The minute the LAW gives “permission” to marry or not to marry, then all is okay!  Anyone smell a rat in the air?

Look, as far as I’m concerned, what goes down behind closed doors is your business.  I will not be the judge of that.  But since WHEN?  WHEN, WHEN WHEN ???? DOES the Supreme Court hold jurisdiction over a religious covenant of the Bible who instituted marriage in the first place?

I have some gay friends.  I don’t condone their practices, but somehow, we’ve managed a level of respect for each other’s belief system.  AND I love Ellen Degeneres!  (She is a mighty entertainer, a “cool beans” person” and I think even Ellen, herself smells a rat!)

Does my not condoning gay marriages amount to disrespect – better yet, “hate speech?”  I have my spiritual convictions, BUT NEVER DO I show prejudice to ANYONE!.  Yet, that is not the point.  We are now treading on some really thin ice and some really  big toes here…

Think about it!  Let’s pretend I have no spiritual convictions.

Lets take a precedent like Canada ….  churches fined for not performing homosexual rituals.  Oh, wait-a-minute?!  Did I say the big “Homo” word.  Everyone knows you should call the “H” word “gay”.  Whatever …. OSV Weekly defines how it may impact on lawsuits.  My best one yet from a person who is a self proclaimed atheist, Christopher Cantwell. ” So You Think That Rainbow Makes You Look Cool?”   He has some excellent valid points on “so the state actually has to GRANT you a license to marry?  What next?” scenario?  Seems to me there is a “Christian-a-phobia” agenda more than a “gay rights” agenda.  And it is done on purpose to provoke and attack anyone’s faith who may believe otherwise.

Look, I’m gonna be biased because I have a spiritual belief – which amounts to a “religious belief” the world just has to categorize.  It is unfortunate.  I refuse to be labeled.  Yes, I have a spiritual belief that Jesus Christ of Nazareth really is the Son of God and IS God.  You don’t have to believe it.  I don’t convert, God does.  I am not against other religions, races or creeds.  The point here is that there is a DELIBERATE attempt to ostracize Christianity.  Suppose I wasn’t a Christian, like Mr Cantwell says, (and he is an atheist), there is a diabolical agenda going on.

I love Putin’s take on this (and I don’t know enough to be for or against the man, never mind Russia), but one thing I love about what he says is “homosexuality is not a crime in this country” , but the promotion or propaganda of any form of homosexuality is prohibited.

Let me finish with this: Love all = Gays, lesbians,and especially the ones who are sanctimonious and irritating – giving God such a bad name!  I hate the doing but not the doer!    I am NOT God!  I cannot judge the world but with God only and that is my own personal conviction.  It needn’t be yours.  All I am asking is that you ask the right questions.  IS IT REALLY ABOUT “GAY RIGHTS”?  About “Gay Pride”?  Most people I know who find themselves attracted to the same sex wish they were not.  Why are we not helping and understanding?  Those religious bigots keep putting God down.  You know of whom I speak …. those who profess to be Bible believing but are so judgmental.  I will give my best to anyone, be it gay or not, and there have been many.  I will not condone their actions, but I will always accept the person.  ARE WE NOT ALL PERSONS?   We all have our own battle to fight and no-one should make light of it.

One thing is for sure, the propaganda that has seeped into the western civilization is not to be ignored.  Who is the sheep? And I must laugh at the activists who are so anti-“one world government” yet have to wonder if they themselves are not promoting a one world androgynous NWO agenda that they themselves, are ostensibly promoting.  Just think about it people.  Think why?  Anyone could get the same “security”. Why are we calling this marriage when marriage is the one thing created by God only, not the State!  Alternative lifestyles such as homosexuals could still be granted all rights as in any “civil union” , but they want rights from “the state”???  You gotta ask yourself why?  Please also ask yourselves “what happens to our children and the next generation?  I hear some schools are already promoting a sort of “in-bias” (towards homosexuality not Christianity btw).  Children as young as 5 years old.  I was a real tomboy growing up, but luckily was never open to “suggestion” (which is what it really is, mind control, mass hypnotic suggestion), that I may be gay!  When people are of the age of awareness and realize they have a different orientation, please ask why?  It seems it is more the “straight” so called political agenda to label than the gay people themselves.  Funny how most gay people are not promoting this as much as those elitists who govern media and fashion.

Let me end with this.  I love you all,  No matter what!  All I ask is that you respect my faith as well.  And to those who are struggling with sexual identity or have a sense of an alternate identity, I think you are great.  YOU – not your sexual actions …. but that is for you to call out upon if you feel convicted or not.  Not for me to say.  Just don’t tell me that the State does not have a political agenda to oust out the family dynamic.

Love you and thank you.  God bless!

How to iron without ironing

The Daily Prompt suggested a topic on how “those dishes won’t do themselves”.  This immediately reminded me of how we do ironing in our household.

None of us are big on ironing and let’s face it, standing for hours on end and doing the mundane, only to put said clothing item on and be creased within a matter of minutes can be demoralizing.  So my boyfriend introduced me to a stellar way of doing “ironing, without actually using an iron”.  It’s so obvious when one thinks about it, I wondered why I never thought of it years ago.

The timing on this is paramount of course for it to work but it does work.  Firstly, get all your hangers out and pegs ready.  The minute the washing machine sounds its alarm, carefully remove each item and hang carefully on hanger.  For trousers, hang them from the trouser legs at the bottom and peg.  For tops, dresses and skirts, make sure you hang them at the seam.  Leave to dry and wallah!

I swear by this, and really … they look ironed with no creases whatsoever.  I’ve even compared my “self-ironed” clothes to the traditional ironed clothes and you cannot tell the difference.  It saves us time and money.  Money, you ask?  Well yes, every time you haul out that iron, you use electricity, don’t you?  Not to mention that trusty and true saying, “time is money”.

So there you have it!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let this photo speak for itself.

Ironing stand