How to iron without ironing

The Daily Prompt suggested a topic on how “those dishes won’t do themselves”.  This immediately reminded me of how we do ironing in our household.

None of us are big on ironing and let’s face it, standing for hours on end and doing the mundane, only to put said clothing item on and be creased within a matter of minutes can be demoralizing.  So my boyfriend introduced me to a stellar way of doing “ironing, without actually using an iron”.  It’s so obvious when one thinks about it, I wondered why I never thought of it years ago.

The timing on this is paramount of course for it to work but it does work.  Firstly, get all your hangers out and pegs ready.  The minute the washing machine sounds its alarm, carefully remove each item and hang carefully on hanger.  For trousers, hang them from the trouser legs at the bottom and peg.  For tops, dresses and skirts, make sure you hang them at the seam.  Leave to dry and wallah!

I swear by this, and really … they look ironed with no creases whatsoever.  I’ve even compared my “self-ironed” clothes to the traditional ironed clothes and you cannot tell the difference.  It saves us time and money.  Money, you ask?  Well yes, every time you haul out that iron, you use electricity, don’t you?  Not to mention that trusty and true saying, “time is money”.

So there you have it!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let this photo speak for itself.

Ironing stand